Summit Impact

A community-powered approach to scaling global impact.

Summit Impact gathers social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academic experts, and creative storytellers to solve the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

We believe this work can only be done through effective collaboration that centers grassroots experts.

By activating our network and building ecosystems of innovation around impact leaders, we can radically reshape how social impact succeeds at scale.

Areas of Focus

Environmental Stewardship

The challenges facing our planet today require our best leadership resources. We’ve teamed up with Conservation International to train the next generation of global conservation leaders across 33 countries worldwide.

Justice & Equity

Changing narratives, fostering progressive leadership, and supporting Homes Not Prisons in our Criminal Justice Lab.

The Future of Work

In partnership with Schmidt Futures, we’re working with an array of partners to scale entrepreneurial programs for underserved youth and expand pipelines for diverse talent in STEM.

Art & Imagination

We’re working with a coalition of creative luminaries designing national art campaigns and imaginative spaces that inspire civic discourse.

We believe in the power of community and use an ecosystems-approach to scaling impact. This includes:


Summit Fellows:

Identifying leading social impact activists and entrepreneurs in specific topic areas through an application and nomination process.


Orienting to Outcomes:

Setting clear objectives, KPIs and an SROI (social return on investment) for each topic-based impact lab.


Activating a Leadership Council:

Curating a council of unlikely collaborators—multidisciplinary leaders from across sectors and parties who connect with each other and contribute to the objectives for the lab.


Collaboration & Tracking Progress:

Ongoing programming including roundtable discussions, 1:1 deep dives, problem-solving case clinics, and masterclasses. Progress metrics are tracked through each phase of the program.


Support our impact programs through individual donations. All donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible.


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Apply to join our cohort of exceptional social impact leaders from around the world.


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