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Created in 2020, Summit Impact is the entrepreneurial non-profit partner in the Summit ecosystem.

We believe the power of community can change the world. Through connection, compassion, and collaboration we can create a more regenerative and equitable future.


What We Do

At Summit Impact we steward resources and relationships for global change leaders.

We gather a community of diverse global business leaders, academic experts, and creative storytellers to support impact entrepreneurs through collective learning and collaborative action.

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Why We Do It

To create a network of open-hearted, imaginative leaders bringing ideas to reality, to create a better world.

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Our People

Our work is made possible through the guidance of an esteemed board of directors, strategic advisors, our alumni steering committee, and our generous donors and partners.

Our Board of Directors

Cristiana Falcone
Strategic Adviser, Investor, Philanthropist
Arlan Hamilton
Founder, Managing Partner, Backstage Capital
Chante Harris
Venture Partner, Director, WOC/CS
Heather Hartnett
CEO & General Partner, Human.vc
Greg Hoffman
Global Brand Leader and Former NIKE CMO, Fast Company’s Most Creative People In Business
Jessica Jackley
Investor & Entrepreneur, Founder, Kiva.org
Patrick Maloney
Founder and CEO, Inspire
Whitney Kroenke Silverstein
Co-Founder and President, Playing for Change Foundation
Jeff Rosenthal
Co-founder, Summit
Christina Sass
Co-founder & Chair, Andela
Hank Willis Thomas
Shira Abramowitz
Executive Director, Summit Impact

Our Impact Partners

Summit Impact is made possible by the generous contributions of our partners. These individuals, families, and foundations play a vital role in crafting our impact as a community to drive progress in areas we collectively care about.

Our Founding Partners

Ann Kroenke & Whitney Kroenke Silverstein
Dalio Philanthropies
Sasha & Ed Bass
Schultz Family Foundation
Schmidt Futures
People’s Prize
Goldhirsh Foundation

Our Generous Supporters

JK Nicholas
Lara Oltz-Green
Asha Jadeja
Bill Silva
Bob & Darcy Bingham
Bryan & Tara Meehan
Chad McWhinney
Courtney Reum
Dick & Lorin Costolo
Ed Freedman
Eric Schnell & Marci Zaroff
Gayle Troberman & Sue Turner
Harry Jeremias
Isaac Pritzker
Mark & Fiona Ferguson
Mike Silver
Nick Bagatelos
Patrick & Dana Maloney
Peter & Natasha Rive
Rebekah Gainsely
Rocco Gardner
Tony & October Gonzalez

Partner Organizations

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Fellows Alumni Steering Committee

Alex Peay
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ones Up
Fariel Salahuddin
Founder & CEO, UpTrade
Juanjo Ladines
Impact Manager, Inka Moss
Kodah Pipitone
Founder & CEO, HostHome
Merideth Spriggs
Chief Kindness Officer, Caridad
Mubarak Sumaila
Chief Executive Officer, BezoMoney
Aline Sara
Co-founder & CEO, NaTakallam
Jordan Reeves
VideoOut, VideoOut

Our Advisors

Emily Achler
CEO + Co-founder, Italic Type
Jodi Archambault (Hunkpapa and Oglala Lakota)
Former Special Assistant to the President for Native American Affairs for the White House Domestic Policy Council
Anteneh Addisu
Partner, The Confluent Group
Ellie Bahrmasel
Co-founder, Further Faster Ventures
Alex Banayan
Author, The Third Door
Eric Berlow
Ecologist and Complexity Scientist
Geoff Davis
CEO, Sorenson Impact
Alica Forneret
Grief and Grieving
Marie Groark
Director of Programs, Schultz Family Foundation
Ellen Gustafson
Co-Founder FEED, and Co-Director, Summit Institute
Tom Kamei
Executive Director, Counterpoint Global Fund at Morgan Stanley
Christine Lai
Collaboration Catalyst
Isaac Lee
Founder, Exile
Cat Levin
Co-Founder, Up & Up Creative
Cari Levison
Co-founder, Up & Up Creative
Mike de la Rocha
Founder of Revolve Impact
Nyla Rodgers
CEO & Founder, Mama Hope
Ivy Ross
Vice President, Design for Hardware Products, Google
Taylor Rowe
Director of Customer and Capital Partnerships, The Clean Fight
Lakshmi Shenoy
CEO, Embarc Collective
Amanda Slavin
Marketing Strategist & Brand Engagement Expert
Wayne Price
Co-Founder, Roomtone
Ellie Bahrmasel
Co-founder, Further Faster Ventures
Jennifer Kelm Sergio
CEO Polar Clean
Elena Valentine
Founder, Skill Scout Films
Kevin Vilkin
Partner at ESP
Genevieve Custer Weeks
Founder, Tutu School