Impact Labs

Building thriving ecosystems around our Fellows.

About Impact Labs

Impact Labs are two-year programs that gather a remarkable group of interdisciplinary leaders for year-round collaboration across fields, party lines, and platforms. Each Lab focuses on a cause area such as education or criminal justice and is centered around a cohort of Summit Fellows.

Impact Labs are driven by 3 key groups:

Summit Fellows

Summit Fellows continue to be the heartbeat of Summit Impact programs.
Exceptional social impact leaders with a clear vision for a better future, Fellows are selected for Impact Labs based on their proven track record in a specific cause area. Each Impact Lab has a cohort of 4-6 fellows selected for the two-year program.

Leadership Council

8-10 industry leaders, who provide financial, creative, legal, technological, and other resources.

Extended Lab Network

A participant group of 50+ Summit community members and impact-focused contributors who engage in lab programming and support key objectives.

Year-Round Program

Impact Labs are designed to accelerate critical solutions around each area of focus by identifying clear objectives, curating high-level lab participants, and delivering strategic programming.

1. Set Clear Objectives with KPIs
2. Activate the Ecosystem through Curated Connections
3. Collaborative Problem Solving
4. Track Progress

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